sky city restaurant

HDR Friday: Miniature Emerald

After several days without my laptop, I am now back and running with updates and processing.  Starting today, I'm going to setup something to keep this blog going and provide everyone with lots of photos that hopefully you'll love! So every Friday will now be considered as "HDR Fridays", I'll be posting a HDR photo (or multiple photos) every Friday to kick off the weekend!  Also, for all the mobile photo lovers (i.e. iphoneography), please come back and visit every Monday (Mobile Monday) where I'll post a photo from my mobile camera using either hipstamatic app, camera+, or instagram etc.

For the inaugural post of HDR Friday.... let me present to you, the Seattle skyline without the Space Needle, since this was shot inside the Space Needle, Sky City Restaurant.

rl-5721_tonemapped-Edit-1105301-50 sec at f - 2.8

rl-5721_tonemapped-Edit-1105301-50 sec at f - 2.8

P.S. - Speaking of mobile photography, have any of you seen this lil' gadget for your iphone: .  I might just put this on my Christmas wish-list this year ;)